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Weekly theme Wood winners

Wood is one of mankinds most important materials. It's used for construction, energy and it just so happens that it's useful for photography as well. Wood is a material that comes in all shapes and sizes and this was certainly reflected in the submitted entries; everything from deep forests to old ships and furniture. The three winners who can emerge from the woodwork victorious are Julien Oncete, MARCOantonio and Heather Bonadio. Congratulations!

1st place, "Capela forest" by Julien Oncete.

2nd place, "Joyful melancholy" by MARCOantonio.

3rd place, "Spiral II" by Heather Bonadio.


By Roswitha Schleicher-Schwarz.

By ShenShen Dou.

By Aydin Aksoy.

By Konrad Szuszkiewicz.

By Karl-Axel Lindbergh.

By Sobul.

By Vichaya.

By Nieves. Bautista.

By Nopel Opzan.

By Keijo Savolainen.

By Torsten Muehlbacher.

By Juan Pablo deMiguel.
very nice to find your photo in the group of such works ... thank you!