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Weekly theme Low Key winners

The theme "Low key" might sound ambiguous, but it gave many participants opportunity to try some very interesting and useful techniques. The majority chose to interpred the theme through monochrome imagery, while some included some strong colors to provide contrast. The three winners who gathered the most votes are Yvette Depaepe, Huib Limberg and Juan de Villalba. Congratulations!

1st place, "Endless prairies" by Yvette Depaepe.


2nd place, "Following my shadow!" by Huib Limberg.


3rd place, "Sensual spoons" by Juan de Villalba.



By Marcoantonio.


By Wilianto.


By Rui Caria.


By Florence Menu.


By Michel Romaggi.



By Aydin Aksoy.


By Joke Scheerman.


By Waldemar Wienchol.

By Guy cohen.

By Annemieke Stuij.

By Henk van Maastricht.

By Lou Urlings.