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Sea - a list by mab

The sea offers everything a photographer can hope to capture. Beauty, drama, tranquillity and excitement. 1x member Mab has put together a list of wonderful sea photos taken by 1x photographers. You will find the list here. Enjoy!

"St Michaels Mount I" by George Johnson.

"Fairy tale" by Rok Godec.

"Lost in thought" by Dirk Juergensen.

"Evening ship" by mustafa yaÄŸcı.

"Endless green" by Niloufar Hosein zadeh.
Splendid list, magnificent image, congrats !!!
Thank you,Thiery, i am so surprised this week blog,, you know there is no big sea in my country and i love very much anything about the sea, rivers and nature, especially to look beautiful photos. Thanks to 1x i am verry pleased and honoured. Hope Each member has a good time looking what he/her likes. This is a fabulous place!