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Weekly theme Stars winners

We have a new year and what could be a better start than to shoot for the stars? Well, shooting the stars, of course! For obvious reasons, stars are best photographed at night and night time photography requiers a lot from a photographer. Some chose to interpret the theme differently and used crystals, lights and star like patterns in the entries. The three stars who lit the brightest were ChrisKaddas, Karol Nienartowicz and André Farinha! Congratulations!


1st place, "At the edge of the world" by ChrisKaddas.

2nd place, "Bivouac at Bouquetins" by Karol Nienartowicz.

3rd place, "The Guardian" by André Farinha.


By Luis Bonito.


By E. de Juan.

By Rok Godec.

By Marcoantonio.

By Matt Anderson.

By Kapuschinsky.

By Michiel Hageman.

By Mab.

By Faruk Uslu.


By Racho.


By Pauline Pentony.


By Torsten Muehlbacher.