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Happy New Year!

2014 was a great year with many new talented photographers finding their way to 1x, two very nice meet ups in Bruges and Berlin, where 1x people from all over the world gathered to take photos and make new friends, and not the least some of our most important releases ever like the brand new magazine and the learning platform with all the instructions, ideas and inspiration to fruther develop your photography!

Big thanks to all photographers who have contributed to 1x in 2014 with your excellent works, standing up for quality and setting this site apart from others! We also want to thank very much everyone who has contributed with your great knowledge and wisdom and shared your tips and ideas writing photo tutorials helping countless photographers taking their craft to the next level. Last, but certainly not the least, we want to thank our wonderful staff, who dedicate a lot of time curating photos, administrating the forum, reading critiques, collecting tutorials, making the magazine and collecting tutorials, without you this community would not be possible!

Even though we are looking back at a very succesful year, we think 2015 will be even more exciting. In the beginning of the year we will do a major optimization of the whole site, meaning it will soon be many times faster than today. We have also bought a new super-fast server to make 1x run on steroids. We are going to release several native mobile phone apps, with features not seen before and we have planned a new updated version of personal homepages! There will be two new sections in the learning platform and new tutorials coming out every day. We have already 600 published proof read tutorials and we will try to reach 1000 in the next three months. Our goal for this year is to create the biggest library of photo tutorials in the world.

Happy New 2015 with lots of good light!

wonderful words for this first blog of the year ! To the owners, the staff, the crew, all members : A wonderful 2015 in all possible ways.
Happy New Year to Ralf, Jacob, Thomas, all the crew members and all the members of our wonderful 1x community ... 2015 sounds so promising !!! Cheers to everybody ... Yvette
All the best to the entire team, 1X is a great site with talented photographers. The team is fantastic. Happy New year to you too !!!
Many thanks ! Happy New 2015, hope it will become another great year !