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New 1x mobile site soon to be released

Since the release of the new 1x we have been working on a mobile site for smartphones and tablets. We are very excited to let you know that it's now nearly finished and will be released November 1.

It's very intuitive and smooth and a lot of fun to navigate with touch controls, using only your fingers to scroll, click and swipe.

In the mobile site you will gain points when you curate photos and you will be able to rise in level until you become a level 8 curator, which means that you can be invited to the official curation crew. The higher level you have the more your votes will count.


So excited to read about this - I'd love to be able to easily browse 1x on my iPhone (currently not a smooth process!) Granted, nothing replace my home computer screen for sheer size and dazzling large images, but I'm really excited about the mobile improvements this week!
Good news
I just wanna clarify, it is not the 1Xplorer app right? This is a mobile-compatible website version of 1x. It would be nice to browsing it on-the-go.
No it's not, it's a completely new mobile version of the website.
I have tried to use the site on my phone before but it was a bit awkward to use. Good to hear there will be a mobile version very soon :-)
Yes, it's quite cumbersome to use the website on mobile devices, the mobile site is very smooth to use on the other hand!
Looks nifty. Will you guys be releasing an app along with the new website?
We are planning to release an app as well but it first needs to be developed.
nice , good news
This is good news for me so far is very difficult to navigate with my smartphone on the site 1x. I wait for November 1 ;))
You will not be disappointed, it's very convenient to browse like this!
That's wonderful news, the coming of a mobile version of 1 x. But why only point for curating when working on something like an Ipad or Iphone? Isn't that a bit unfair for members who haven't those devices or prefer to use their pc, laptop or mac?
It's coming for the website as well we just need some time to develop it.
We wait and see!
It's a big joy to browse the gallery on a smartphone like this =)
Only in the mobile version???? "In the mobile site you will gain points when you curate photos and you will be able to rise in level until you become a level 8 curator"
The level system will also be implemented in the website later on when we have time to develop it, we have spent a lot of time developing this mobile site.
This is exciting news. Glad to hear it. Will this just be a mobile version of the site, or will you be releasing apps as well? Will the curation levels only be applied if you are accessing the site from a mobile device? Not sure if that's what you meant to say but that's how it reads.
November 1 we will release the mobile site, we are also planning to release apps. From the start the levels will only work in the mobile site but we intend to implement them on the website as well.