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Weekly theme Happy holidays winners

We hope that you all have had a pleasent holiday together with your family and friends. We are very happy though, that it didn't stop you from taking wonderful photos. Here are the happy holiday winners! Yvette Depaepe, Lorenzo Ravasco and Natalia Baras! Congratulations!

st place, "Bruges in Christmas" by Yvette Depaepe.

2nd place, "2015" by Lorenzo Ravasco.

3rd place, "Merry Christmas to all the community 1x" by Natalia Baras.


By Jeannette Oerlemans.


By Ellen van Deelen.


By Mario Grobenski.


By Julien Oncete.

By Evan Oz.

By Codruta Georgescu.

By Adnan Mahmutovic.

By Niklas Jumlin.

By Eleonora Grigorjeva.

By DDiArte.

By Nora De Angelli.