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Merry Christmas from 1x

1x wishes you a merry Christmas! It's been a very exciting year with many several major releases such as the new learning and inspiration platform and the new magazine. We have also gained many new partners for selling prints and we now virtually cover the whole world. Next year will be even more exciting with three mobile apps coming out, an updated version of our homepages and a new way to sell images.

We want to thank all the talented photographers of 1x and not the least our wonderful staff of volunteers for all your great contributions during the year, standing up for quality in every aspect of the site. Now we are looking forward to a lot of sublime winter pictures! Submit your best Christmas and winter photos to the weekly theme "Happy Holidays" this week!

Merry Christmas everyone!
MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL 1X. FRIENDS . Being a global coverage web. Is worth mentioning that christmas is not always linked to winter. Although the tradition comes from the north. We in the southern hemisphere, spent the holidays in summer.
Happy Christmas to all the staff and the best for 2015 !!!
Marry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the staff and many thanks for the beautiful emotions that give us.
thanks a lot to the staff for the wonderful wishes and message. My withes for a warm and healthy Christmas to you and the ones you love. and to all members I did not meat in a personal message
Best wishes to everybody and special thanks to 1X for being what it is : the best photo site and warmest community in the world ;-)