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Sell More Prints by Tagging Your Photos

Every week we are contacted by magazine editors, book publishers and advertising agents who are interested in buying photos on 1x and we try to negotiate good deals with our photographers. If you want to sell your photos, it's very important that you tag all your images so they are easy to find by searching. This will also help you sell prints a lot, both directly on 1x and making it easier for our partners to find the photos they are looking for.

Even if you are not interested in selling photos, taging your photos will increase their exposure, give you more promotion and make it possible for more people to enjoy your art. Therefore we highly recommend that you tag all your photos in "Edit details" in the cog wheel below your photos. You can enter any number of tags. Try searching for different tags like "red", "blue" or "yellow", it's a lot of fun!

Add tags in "Edit photo details" in the cog wheel below your photos.

Enter any number of tags to make your photos easy to find.