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Winner of the Mono contest
The winner of the Mono contest has now been announced. The challange was to take the most creative photo of yourself together with the Mono yearbook. The winner is Mario Grobenski with his entry "Mono me". Mario Grobenski is awarded a lifetime of Pro membership. Congratulations!
Congratulations Mario! Sorry for the late reaction, but I just started to read all these subjects. Have a great new week ahead and take care :-)
Congrats, Mario!
Thanks a lot Susanne!!! Greetings, Mario
Congratulations Mario. You are just to colorful to be tought of as mono. :) Maybe psycho mono? :))
:)) Yes, right Phyllis, thank you very much!!! Best regards, Mario
Congrats Mario!
Thanks a lot Tomer!! :)
Excellent,Mario!My compliments!
Thank you very much Julien!!! Cheers!!
Wow, great work my friend!! Congratulation !!!!!
Thank you very much Stefan!! Greetings, Mario
Congratulations My Friend Mario......
Thank you so much Jay, cheers mate!!
congratulations, Mario..., just hope long inspiring life for you for us to admire your amazing work :)
:))) Thank you so much Paulo!! Cheers!
Big congratulation Mario
Thank you very much Abi!!
Your work is splendid and deserves to be rewarded, congrats Mario !!!
Thank you so much Thierry!! Cheers!
Thank you very much dear Yvette!! :) Much appreciated ! :) Cheers, Mario
Wow, congratulations Mario !!! Well deserved lifetime Pro membership ... Let's hope we can enjoy your work a lifetime too ;-) Cheers, Yvette
Thank you very much dear Yvette!! :) Much appreciated ! :) Cheers, Mario