"Shapes, colors, structures" by Hans Martin Doelz

Hans Martin Doelz is well known for his wonderful architectural and abstract photography. He has recently published a book featuring some of his most significant work. The book is called "Shapes, colors, structures" and shows his development as a photographer and graphic artist. Hans Martin Doelz is a 1x member and some of the photos in the book have already been featured in the 1x gallery. Here are a few of them. Great work Hans Martin!

"Book temple"

"1 2 3 4 5 6"




"Straight ahed"

"The Entrance"


"1 2 3 4"
Congratulations with the publication of your book Hans! Wonderful work. Have a great new week ahead and take care :-)
Congratulations Hans on publishing your book!
Thank you so much, Semy. This is something I'm really pleased about.