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Weekly theme Selfie winners

The phenomenon of taking "selfies" has been around for quite a while now. It was up to the 1x photographers to make the selfie seem interesting again and as always they rose to the challange. It was especially fun to see that so many photographers took the opportunity to feature themselves in the photo.  The three winners who proudly can see themselves on the podium this time are Piet Flour, Vito Guarino and Raphael Guarino. Congratulations!


1st place, "Facing the light" by Piet Flour.

2nd place, "Tempus fugit" by Vito Guarino.

3rd place, "Self" by Raphael Guarino.



By Svetlana Kuzmina.

By Luis Bonito.

By Richard Bland.

By Victoria Hellner.

By Victoria Ivanova.

By Simona Forte.

By Udo Dittmann.

By Thierry Ysebaert.

By Olga Mest.

By Kahar Lagaa.

By Jerard Jonkman.

By Ariane C.