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1x Magazine is out!

The #1 issue of the 1x Magazine is now available! We hope that you will enjoy it. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved that made it possible. 1x Magazine will be issued bimonthly to all Pro and Unlimited users.

A tip is to activate the two page-view in Acrobat Reader to make the magazine appear as it should. On Mac OSX, you can do this by selecting "View" - "Two page". In Windows, go to "View" and tick the boxes to display "Two Page View" and "Show Cover Page in two page view".

You will find the first number available for download here

We wish you a good read!

1x is very unique, and the 1x Magazine is this expression, share is the sens. A big thank for that! Unique is 1, unique is 1x, and give everyone to see, love, progress, work, a trusted. I love 1x :-)
Congrats to 1x, the emag-team and published photographers for this outstanding work. Really excellent!!
Congratulations to Ralf, to Yvette and her whole editorial team and to Lara for the graphic design. Beautiful and inspiring result: a lot of interesting reading and viewing.
It's really awesome..congrats to all
Looks fabulous, however I can't seem to get a two page view.
The 2 page view should open as a default but as it hasn't, go to 'View' and tick to display: 'Two Page View' and 'Show Cover Page in two page view'. :)
Thanks to All 1X Best Team, great work! The magazine has come to my country Indonesia. Very inspiring to me :)
Thanks to Ralf and the whole editing team for this wonderful opportunity to put my thoughts into a story. Your magazine really looks special, and the content makes for very interesting reading, and the lay-out rocks!
It was a real pleasure to read yor story, Andre. Very very impressive!
You have a second career waiting for you. Of course being a Doctor must give you so much extra time with nothing to do. :) Yeah sure. I believe you will have a big book someday published by a famous company which sits in libraries across the world, near to Diane Arbus, and all the great portrait photographers. Trust me now and believe me later. All my very best for the work you put into this. It is interesting, reflective and it tells us why you are a wonderful with people..the 'connector"....Phyl