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Weekly theme Media winners

The Weekly theme is back after a short hiatus following the release of 1x Learning. The theme this time was Media. A theme that inspired to a multitude of interpretations. Everything from vivid images of Times square to Egyptian hieroglyphs founds its way into the Weekly theme. Of course it wouldn't be 1x if there also wasn't a fair share of cameras and photographers. In the end, the three winners who deserve their spot in the media limelight are Didier Guibert, Ron Jones and Yvette Depaepe. Congratulations!


1st place, "Media collection" by Didier Guibert.

2nd place, "Why media works" by Ron Jones.

3rd place, "Daily news" by Yvette Depaepe.


By Julian D.

By Gloria Salgado Gispert.

By Victoria Ivanova.

By Mario Grobenski - psychodaddy.

By Melitta Oltmanns.

By Rui Caria.

By Tony Guy.

By Carlo Longarini.

By Larisa Kiryanova.

By Ralf Kayser.

By Ivan Valentino.

By Roberto Pestarino.

By Husain Alfraid.