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We are taking several new steps to increase the sales of prints. Next coming up is that we will start posting photos marked for sale on our Facebook group with 177 000 followers with links to buy the photos on 1x. This means that you should make your photos available as prints in "Account settings" if you want to receieve thousands of likes on your photos in our Facebook page and have the chance to sell more. Our goal is that all photos published on 1x should be for sale in the future so that customers are not dissapointed to find that the photos they like the most are unavailable.

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It would be really nice if the photographer was tagged in the photo published on 1x's facebook page... or at least given the option of doing it.
Actually there will be a link to the photographer on 1x on each photo published on Facebook in the future, so it will be easy to find the photographer and buy prints.