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Weekly theme Art Exchange winners

The Art exchange theme contest proved very successful indeed, when it came to luring out the artistic talents of the 1x photographers. Andy warhol would have been proud. To have a chance at winning an actual Andy Warhol original polaroid photo, I recommend you to upload your entry to the Art Exchange website. You can then also download a free piece of art from someone else. Best of luck! The winners of the weekly theme were three very talented ladies; Sol Marrades, Yvette Depaepe and Shenshen Dou! A big round of applause to all of you and congratulations to your wonderful contributions!


1st place, "Disquietude-Days of nothing (2)" by Sol Marrades.

2nd place, "Riddle" by Yvette Depaepe.

3rd place, "Man in Nature  - Winter" by Shenshen Dou.



By Piet Flour.

By Thierry Dufour.


By Natalia Baras.

By Jose Alpedrinha.

By Alfredo Yanez.

By Sergio Sacco.


By Alessandro Passerini.

By Vladi Garcia.

By Tomer Eliash.

By Javad Rooein.

By Michel Romaggi.

By Pessoa N Beat.
Honored to see my photo there :)