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Meet the curators - Ricky Siegers

“Be original! Even though the concept is not.”


The man on the street

According to wikipedia, street photography is: ”Photography that features the human condition within public places and does not necessitate the presence of a street or even the urban environment.”

I don’t know if the wikipedia author had dutch photographer Ricky Siegers in mind, but he or she might as well had. Siegers has an impressive career as an advertisement photographer, but it’s on the street that he really shines. His contributions to the street photography gallery on 1x has inspired countless of visitors, but what inspireres Siegers himself?

“Social life, the diversity of the human race! I am happy to be a witness of the daily social life surrounding me! I don’t have to go and find the action, the action simply happens everyday around me.” 

It all started when he got his first camera from his father, a Kodak matic, or as he describes it himself:

”A small camera with a cool flash”. 

Even though he is working as a professionell photographer, he doesn’t have any formal education. He is mostly self learned and has used literature and the Internet to educate himself in the art of photography. It was the dynamic of human social life that first attracted him to the street genre: 

”My vision is so simple! I like to share the the joy, the sadness, the drama, every funny moment!” 

This passion is also very evident in his work. When asked if he has a favourite photo of his own he simply answers: 

”I don’t have one! I love them all! I made them all with my love and my soul!” 

His work has been exhibited all over the world. Frequently in both his home countries Holland and Indonesia, but also in New york, London, Bagdad and many other places. It was only a matter of time before his work would find its way to 1x. A friend challanged him if he could get his first submition published. An event Siegers recalls joyfully: 

”It got published! And my second, and my third! Then the frustration began!” 

Today, working as a curator, he may have caused some frustration to 1x aspirants himself. When reviewing a photo, he is first and foremost analysing the image story wise: 

”At the first look, I don’t care with technique. That comes after I understand the photo.” 

His best advice for getting published on 1x is well put: 

”I know it’s difficult to do something original and I know we are all influenced by other photographers when looking at their work. Consciously or unconsciously we always follow what we already have seen. But what I like is the different approach! Be original, even though the concept is not.”

"Drop-off laundry service"



"Stuck in holy hooligans ground"


"Peep Show"

"Time Tunnel Transportation!"

"Love in a way"

"Sundown at Marken"

"Hongkong Duck"

"Back to the future"

"Happy feet"
Simply put... some absolutely great street photography ! Great street photography requires a gifted photographer with special vision and insight to capture those moments. You are most certainly gifted my friend! Congratulations Ricky!!!
Hi Nick, thank you very much for your compliment, I am so sorry for the late reply.
Robert PRO
Hope i can meet you one day:-)
sorry for my late reply ! you are also in my wish list to meet Robert ! :) please let me know when you are in Europe !
Congrats Ricky, all strong street captures with a great story, which make them exceptional:-) Best, Ben
Thank you very much Ben, also my pleasure and honored to work with you in curating room !
A pleasure to walk through your portfolio Ricky! Here speaks a fan......! Thanks for sharing all these great moments of life! Greetings from Soest, Huib
thank you very much Huib :)
One of the friendliest persons I've ever met! Looking forward to the next "shake hands" :-)
Peter I am so honored with your kind word thank you very much ! Always fans of your work and knowing you in person is a bless for me ! For sure I will shake your hands again Peter !
I am the big fans of Ricky Siegers....and can not wait to see him soon when he come back to his home town....:)
Sure Rudolf, I will be back in December for holiday and work so lets meet than :) thank you very much for your compliment !
Lovely write up and introduction. I liked the comments about trying to be original and content over technical aspects.
Thank you Almulla, yes be original (or own style) same like your signature or finger print ! they are look the same but every single person have their own character :)
Thanks for the article. It's funny to see that your beginnings on 1x had more to do with dandelions than with street! Who would have thought? :)
Thank you Paco :) the beautiful dandelion is on my path while I do my street work :)
I enjoyed reading this article. I admire your clever eye Ricky and a sense of the right moment. It's a pleasure for me to work with you in the team.!
Thank you Peter ! I admire your work too ! most is the BW landscape! It's my pleasure too, to be work with you in the screening room !