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1x is a curated photo gallery where every image have been handpicked for their high quality. With a membership, you can take part in the curation process and also try uploading your own best photos and see if they are good enough to make it all the way.
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Was my Image Published or Rejected?

We have had a lot of questions about notifications when an image has been published in the gallery or not. If a photo is published you will get a notification as well as an email notification if you have enabled email notifications in account settings. If an image is not published within 1-2 weeks, it means it was rejected. However, if you keep the image on your profile, it might be reconsidered by the curators and published later, so we recommend keeping all your photos on your profile.

In the new 1x your profile is intended as a portfolio for all your images. The presentation and layout is more elegant and less cluttered than on other sites and the new 1x supports high resolution up to 2500 pixels width to show much greater detail and make your photos much more impressive than on other sites. Sometimes a photo is not selected for the 1x gallery but still is a very important part of your portfolio. As a free member your can upload 10 photos to your profile every week and paying members can upload an unlimited number of photos to your profile.

Per default visitors to your profile will first see your All Photos tab, but you can now change this in account settings if you want to make your Curated tab the landing page of your profile instead.

You can now choose landing page of your profile in Account settings.

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