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Harry Lieber's "Architecture with human presence"

1x moderator Harry Lieber has put together a list of architectural photographs that feature humans in one way or another. Being a skilled architectural photographer himself, Lieber has put together a collection of photos where the human presence blends with the surrounding architecture with often striking results. You will find the list here.

"Drop-off laundry service" by Ricky Siegers.



"Hidden" by Natalia Baras.

"Book temple" by Hans Martin Doelz.

"NMY 2" by Jose Beut.



"At the top" by Izidor Gasperlin.
Thank you very much, Harry ! I feel very honored that one of my images is included in this list.
An amazing gallery! Glad to see a couple of my images... :) Thank you Harry and congrats!
An interesting idea and a beautiful list.
indeed a splendid list ... compliments Harry
Excellent collection - glad to see some of my photos there, thank you :)