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Meet the curators!

It's the curators that make 1x unique. Each submitted photograph gets reviewed by our team of curators who are experts in their field. They ultimatly decide if a photo will be published or not. But who are they? In a new series of articles, we will get to know the curators better.



A good idea. Even if the curators are professionals in their field, they are people who often decide subjectively. Some decision is then a difficult to accept. greetings Franziskus
Good Job ....... Greetings
Thank you, Jay!
I like the idea and direction of the youtube channel and I'd hate to be that guy that always points out negatives but I find it hard not to notice the "cheap" production value of the videos so far. They don't seem to fit the sleek visual quality of 1x's interface. What bothers me most is the audio quality and especially the acoustics, but that might just be because of my background in audio recording and mixing. In terms of video, again, the webcam look, blown highlights, soft edges effect... it's just a bit too "bedroom producer" for one of the best photography sites and it was especially evident in the video ironically titled "Quality is our style".
Hi Bobby! I agree that the quality could be better and it will surely improve over time. As you probably are aware of yourself, video production takes time and I can't spend too much time on each video if I am too keep the rate of updates that I strive for. I am very grateful for your critique however, and I will do my best to improve the quality when the time allows.
I understand the time issue. A solution would be to either bring more people in the process so they can manage different aspects of the production or alternatively to make some slight changes that would optimize quality and workflow. Most recent DSLRs and mirrorless cameras have good video capability with exposure control and some of them also have an audio input which if used with even an entry level cardioid mic would take care of the bigger production flaws. Placing a cardioid mic closer to the speaker would get you a far better result in terms of audio even without acoustic treatment, although you'd still need some for best results.
Appreciate the time you spending getting on all this social media Thomas. I think this "meet the curators" idea is excellent and look forward to reading about them.
Glad you appreciate the idea, Greg. I have been curious about the curators myself since I started here and I think it will be very interesting to get to know them a bit better.
I am glad you are making a video presence and upping your faces behind the names profiles. Makes the community more personable. Good job!
Thank you Michael! It really is the people here that makes 1x what it is. I just do my best to give them the credit they deserve.