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New 1x Tutorial Book Released

We are very proud to announce the sequel to our very successful how-to book "Photo Inspiration", which has been translated into 10 different languages and been the most popular photography book on Amazon. The new book is called "Photographic Visions" and covers how almost 100 especially selected 1x photos are made, with everything from the idea to the preparation, the execution and post-processing. Be inspired by the extraordinary photos in the book and learn the secrets from some of our most skilled photographers. It's a great learning experience and a really nice coffee-table book as well. 

The book is really affordable, only $22, have a look inside and order it here from Amazon.

UPDATE: The book is currently sold out on Amazon but will be back in stock in just 2-3 days.

A very big thanks to all the photographers published in the book and our great team of book editors who made this possible!

Here are some images from the book:

Wet Jump by Rui Palha, click image to enlarge.

Land of Fire and Ice by Brin, click image to enlarge.

Moment of Deliverance by Arash Ashkar, click image to enlarge.

Eternal Curves by Yiming Hu, click image to enlarge.

Meaningful Cells by Dr. Akira Takaue, click image to enlarge.

Life After Death by Nicolas Marino, click image to enlarge.

Action Shot by Markus Reugels, click image to enlarge.

Autumn Impression by Ben Goossens, click image to enlarge.

Look at my Goat by Ben McRae, click image to enlarge.

Redemption by Chris Moore, click image to enlarge.