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Yearbook Mono is now shipping!

We have been working very hard the last couple of days packing all the Mono book orders and they have now started shipping! Some people have even received their books already! We have optimized the workflow, with a customized address label printing system among other things, and already shipped out 3/4 of all current orders! The rest of them will be shipped out on Monday. If you have ordered the book a green envelope will be waiting for you in your mail box soon!

If you didn't order Mono already, see photos from the book and order it here before they run out!

When you have received your book, please let us know what you think about it by writing a review here.

If you take a picture of yourself together with your new book you have the chance to win life time Pro membership ($99 value/year).

1x founder Ralf packing Mono books, carefully examining each one
before they are numbered, signed and shipped out.

Stack of Mono books and some shipping material.

Books finished packing and ready to be shipped out.

Our famous green envelopes being unloaded at the post office.

Just Received my book. I must say that the printing quality is excellent! Beside the amazing images, I love the fresh smell of the papers :-)
I received my book. It is a great book with great photographers. I am very happy to be represented in this book as a photographer. Many thanks to 1x.... :-))
Wow, today a "Mono" Diamond was dropped in my mailbox !!! I'm proud to see that I was the very first to order it : #1 of 999. Congrats to the founders & all the collaborators who made it possible to realize such a splendid book !!! And congrats to all the wonderful 1X photographers published in it ...
Just got my copy of MONO picked up by the neighbors - I was elsewhere when the postman arrived. Made myself a cup of coffee and started to have a look. It is wonderful. A treat for the eye!
I've received the book "Mono". Wonderful. Congratulations to all selected photographers and thank those who have made possible this great book.
Yesterday I received the book. B E L L I S S I M O!!!!!!
the book arrived today in good condition.....wonderful selction and and wonderful that one of my photos is selected ..........kind regards Gerard
Today I received my copy of the book. Beautiful book and photos and extra quality. I am honored that is included one of my photo to ! Thank you for great work 1X crew!!!! All the best in future! Mario