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Yearbook Mono has now arrived!

We are super excited to let you know that yearbook Mono has now finished printing and just been delivered to Uppsala! The book looks totally stunning and the quality of the print has even surpassed our very high expectations, with beautifully balanced tonality and very deep blacks.

Our warmest thanks to all the 244 represented photographers who made this possible!

The book will start shipping tomorrow! We have already sold half of the books in less than one month so if you want to make sure to get a copy, order Mono today! The edition is limited to only 999 copies, all numbered and signed to make them collectibles.

Order Mono and look inside here!

The No. 1 copy of yearbook Mono being opened for the first time. Stunning print quality.

Even though it's a small limited edition it takes a big truck to deliver all the 999 books.

Boxes of books waiting to be shipped out asap!

I also got the book today. I am very pleased to be a photographer. It is a great book with great photos. Many thanks to 1x :-))
Today I received my copy of the book. Beautiful book and photos and extra quality. I am honored that is included one of my photo to ! Thank you for great work 1X crew!!!! All the best in future! Mario
Well, Christoph just told you watch I was gonna say. Fast, clean, artistic, quality
I got my issue today. A wonderful book, excellent edited and composed, great cover and paper. I am glad to have it here and can look at it.