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Help us to find the best photos in the world and influence what's being published on 1x in the new "Curate" feature in the "Photos"-menu. Just like before the official crew has the final say, but feedback from the community is very useful for them.

You can also write comments on the photos, but never write just "nice photo" or "I don't like it", always be specific and explain why you think so. The comments will be rated by the crew and users depending on how useful they are and this will affect how much weight your votes will carry in the future. The more useful comments you write the more your votes will count.

How you vote and how much you vote will also affect the weight of your votes. If you vote a lot and write especially useful comments, you might even be recruited to the official curator crew after a while.

Vote on photos in "Curate".

In my opinion, the comments should be published when the picture is accepted. I am writing my critics in the voting and they are often not positive (for the good I have of course no criticism!). When they are curated, i can write it as a comment again, but that is not the way at 1x to write critical comments. Unfortunately, nothing can be learned here and and I do not see any critical voices. Also, I do not see the responses to my criticism. Why is this topic not in an public discussion in the support-group?
I actually quite like the idea that one cannot see the name of the person submitting the picture, to keep it unbiased, although the Title/Info would help in some cases. I wonder if this is the same with the Curators, can they see any info or the photographers name?
Ah! And an "edit" button on all comments, in all places, would help a lot! :)
I find it a very positive and interesting exercise, much appreciated. Having that said, I would appreciate a "zero stars" button. :) And a question: is the intention that the members are doing the first screening and only those image that passed a certain level of appreciation will get the attention of the curators. Also, I believe that everyone should see all the comments and critiques made on their own photos by the other members. Thanks!
I agree with the idea of the "zero stars" button. I also think the curating very interesting. I am learning a lot from it!
scary question but interesting Adrian "is the intention that the members are doing the first screening and only those image that passed a certain level of appreciation will get the attention of the curators" This is a good point to explain Ralf. The idea of being "curators" is a good teacher for me. I learn a lot from other members, and it is different that submitting to the critique, as the photos in the critique are before or after they go to screening.
Ralf, you said below that "the comments are seen by the other people who vote, the official curator crew and the photographer." So I want to ask where can the photographer see the comments made on his photo in the curate? Will it be afterwards and only on published photos?
Stupid question of the day... are the pictures apearing in this Curate section, all the pics submited by any member to the curators, or does one actually submit them some other way?
No worries, it's a good question =) It's all the pictures submitted to the curators.
Could it made be possible to browse through the pictures before curating and voting? Now I have to vote or comment before I can move on, while there are photos I like to see again before curating it.
We actually just removed the skip feature because it seemed to be a bit confusing so right now you have to vote and write the comments right away before moving on to the next photo.
The "Curate"shows also pictures of myself ........ and skipped pictures are coming over again as Susanne also wrote
We have fixed so that curate does not show pictures of yourself and we have also removed the skip button for now so it won't get confusing.
I wonder how the system works. When viewing the various contributions, some photos are being shown many times, while others seldom appear again. It is good that you see the photos at random and more than once, when clicking along. It is however annoying when the same photos keep appearing again and again.
If you skip a photo it will appear again later, but not if you vote on it.
Glad to see this back. A question about etiquette. When commenting on photos outside of "curate", I tend to only say nice or encouraging words. If I don't like the photo there's no reason to comment at all. When critiquing I try to be sensitive to the artist's feelings. In curation, as I understand it, the point is to be unfiltered and dispassionate. Some of what I write could be upsetting or seen as harsh if seen by the artist. If I don't like a photo, I think the idea is to say what I don't like and why. Is that an appropriate way to go about this? Agree with others -- the title would help in many cases.
Yes, that's appropriate, you should always explain why you think something when you comment in curation. However it's always a good idea to be sensitive and try to write something encouraging as well.
Thanks for coming back to something close to the "old" system, as long as it works with impartiality in all ways. As pointed out by Luis and Gerard, titles may help
Great idea.......Like it, but would like to see the titles as well. Who will see the comments ?.....
Thanks, we will add titles and more info soon. The comments are seen by the other people who vote, the official curator crew and the photographer.
Ralf, where can the photographer see the comments made on his photo in the curate? Will it be possible to see them only on published photos?
I find it a great idea and tried it. Imho this option should show also the photos' titles, I think that is important for a full appreciation of the photography and the theme.
Thank you, I hope you will enjoy, it's a good way to improve your own photographic eye.
So how does it work exactly? Will the authors see the voting comments or not? And if they see those comments - will they be public and signed or private and anonymous? Or??
The people who vote and the official curators as well as the photographer will see the comments. The comments are not anonymous.
Since comments are public, i am afraid they will not be as helpful to curators as they could. As soon as people realize that everybody can read them they will start self-censoring and mostly positive comments will reach curators. This will not relate the viewers opinion.