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Ben Rea's Choice

Some time ago Ben Rea sent us a list of his favourite 1X photographers. He has also made a list of his all time favourite photos on 1x. Please click here to check it out. Do you have a list of your favourite photographers or photos? Please let us know by sending us an Email.

"Art lovers" by Ben Goossens.
"Wind" by Adrian Sommeling.


"The Passenger" by Adrian Donoghue.



"Almost night" by Sus Bogaerts.

"Vakil Mosque" by Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji.


An honor to be on your list, Ben:-)
once again - excellent list, thank you :)
Impeccable choices Be - thanks for getting this ball rolling :)
:) no problemo. enjoyed it. thanks.
Ben please stop teaching us good habits .. Wonderful choices ..
haha :P just trying to do what I can for the 1x community :) Thanks buddy.
Great selection Ben
Thanks, friend :)
Dear Ben! It is a great honor for me... Thank You so much for adding my image on your list! :) Best wishes!
You're welcome! I look forward to more of your fantastic work. Cheers!
Love it :) Thanks guys. Hope everyone can take a look at these amazing images! I will continue adding to it every week. I also wrote a small blog post about this list, here it is: "Hello all and thank you for reading. A few months ago I started a list called "Ben Rea's Choice," which can be found here: I feel that favorting images or clicking the 'heart' icon is more or less equivalent to giving a thumbs-up or 'like' on Facebook. One long time member put it this way, "It's like waving hello to a friend as you pass by." So I decided to make a list of photo's that is essentially my version of 'Curator's Choice.' A collection of the most impressive work here at 1x, in my eye. Some of the work is older, I often scroll through a user's profile and find something amazing but also many times it is a result of a FP publication. However the piece does not have to be published to make the group, to me that is a non-factor. I simply want to be "wowed!" I like to have a variety of genres but if several similar images blow me away that day, then so be it. I think it should be a pretty spectacular list to browse. :) Several of you have already made the list and to you I say thank you for sharing such wonderful images here on 1x! Updating will be erratic, similar to "Curator's Choice" as I only add to the list when I feel it is right. If you are interested, please click 'follow' on my list. Thanks!"