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Ben Rea's Must-See 1x Artists
Active member Ben Rea has posted a list of his must-see 1X artists. Take a look and see if there is someone you have missed. Who are you favourite 1X artists? Why don´t send us list so we can post it here on the blog.
Hi dear Ben, this is indeed a honor to me to be part of it. Thank you very much for your kind support and well understanding. And congratulations to the official publication of your precious "collections" :))
Thank you BJ but of course it is more about all of you. :) Thank you for writing to me here. Cheers.
Ben, this was really great of you and an honor! Thanks so much!
You're welcome, friend :)
Excellent list! I must say that there are only few here that I didn't already visit - but these few worth it. Thank you very much!
Im glad! enjoy :)
Excellent work Ben, thanks for taking time to do this! There is no pleasure that amounts to discovering an artist whose work you can connect to, your list has many amazing people on it!! : -)
yes! love finding these special artists. it's a joy. thanks for your compliments as well. :) glad you enjoy the list.
An impressive list by Ben and its only the tip of the iceberg of what we have.
Many thanks Ben for taking me into your list. This is great!
Hmmm, I miss the old part of lists before the possibily of albums come to us. The chance of different lists with different thems was very good. I had some very interesting other member lists which I followed. Now it's not more possible. What a pity
ok, sorry, I found it :-)
Thank you so much again, Ralf. I hope many members and visitors are able to read this and enjoy the amazing artwork of these artists!