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New yearbook Mono released

We are very excited to release our very first entirely black and white yearbook Mono. When colors are peeled off, lines and composition, meaning and story become all the more important. Many of the most famous pictures in the history of photography are black and white. The world is of course not black and white, but like when reading a good book our mind fills in the gaps. Art is about stirring our imagination and not telling the whole story aid us in doing that.

No less than 244 of the best photographers of 1x are represented in Mono. It includes an entire 20 more pages than the previous books. It is printed with sophisticated stochastic printing and on special paper for gaining extra rich blacks. Mono is made in a small limited edition of only 999 copies, and all the books are numbered and signed to make them collectibles. The photos on every spread have been combined with uttermost carefulness to ensure a smooth flow of images throughout the book.

Order Mono today to make sure to claim your own copy.

See images from Mono here.

Cover photo by Huib Limberg. Big thanks to all photographers participating making this a beautiful work of art.

Hi! Putting my photos in this book is for me a great joy and honor. I honestly do not think that my work will be appreciated in such a way, and I find his work among the images that I admire from the amateur. Thanks again...!
I am very honored that my BW picture "Hunter in the fog" was selected for the yearbook "Mono". Thank you very much!!
Proud to be a part of it too! Waiting to see what picture goes next to mine :)
Robert PRO
Where is the list for all published members?
And of course: proud to see the cover.....!
Well deserved, it's a great image!
yeah, awesome shot, well deserved!
Thank you Bobby, thank you Lorenzo!!!
I'm very happy that one of my photos was selected. Thank you for the honor!
Hey Ralf, Any Idea on how long the shipping within/to Europe might take? I'd like to order one or two, but will only be home for ~10 days and then travelling for a couple of months...
Hi Lorenzo, shipping starts in the beginning of September, it usually takes about a week for the book to reach you after it has been sent out.