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Weekly theme Beach winners

Enjoy your time at the beach and win a photo contest at the same time! This is what Paulo Presutti, Heiko Gerlicher and Andreas Feldtkeller did. Big congrats to the talented winners with their breathtaking sceneries and all the honorable mentions as well! It was a very popular theme with over 900 entries.

Speaking of photo contests, Eurographics has announced that they will include the winner of 1x Photo Awards in their catalogue as an option, which means that the winner will be able to sell the photo in stores in 62 countries and make up to 4000 euros besides the $10.000 cash prize! One of our photographers has already earned this much selling a single photo with Eurographics! Even better, the license is no longer exclusive so you can sell your photo in other places as well.

1st place, "The Adriatic Sea" by Paulo Presutti.

2nd place, "The Cloud" by Heiko Gerlicher.

3rd place, "Where the Ocean Ends" by Andreas Feldtkeller.

By David Martin Castan.

By Natalia Baras.

By Herbert A Franke.

By Vito Guarino.

By Luis Bonito.

By Yvette Depaepe.

By Piet Flour.

By Gilbert Claes.

By Anja Buehrer.

By Adrian Popan.

By Anna Niemiec.