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New long awaited album feature

Turn your 1x profile into a portfolio of all your best photos with our brand new album feature! Organize your photos, published and unpublished alike, into different albums in your new "Album" tab. Sort them by different themes, series, places, models, genres of photography or however you like! It's incredible easy to make an album and add photos to it, just click "Create album" and then click on all photos you want to include in the album in a list of all your photos.

You can add a single photo to multiple albums and you can easily arrange the order of the images in each album. You can also arrange the order of the albums in your profile and select an album cover. In "Acconut settings" you can make your Albums the default landing page of your profile. We intend for your 1x profile to be a porfoltio of all photos you think are your best and most important and with this new album feature it's easier and more fun than ever before! Check an excellent example on Piet Flour's profile here.

This feature is availble for Plus and Pro members, upgrade your account here.

Any news when the "List" feature willl come back (the possibility to sort the images in an approriate way to the already existing personal lists and not only as a photo mixture of all genres as "Favourite")?
Hi, I am long interested in the same matter as Klaus KPK is, the most what i loved at 1x was to look at portfolio of the person / in the whole not divided into albums/ and at the same time to browse his/ her lists, favs, and this was my best passion has no more sinn to distract persomal lists from the person, has it??
Ralf, Any news about the come back of the album feature ? Any date ? Favorite function can't replace Album 'one. Thank you Guillaume
Hi Ralf,
I am happy with the Albums feature. One wish, which would most likely increase view counts:
It should be possible to use left and right arrows in albums for non-members. Arrows are missing for them. I was about to put a link on my site to my Nudes album here but I cannot really subject my viewers to so many extra clicks, especially given that nudes are hidden (and they should be hidden).
In the meantime I created my Albums and I like this a lot. One thing I am missing: When I am selecting the photos which I want to include in an Album it would be great to see the for each picture the amount (count) how much a photo is already included in an Album (eg. 0 or 1 or 2 ...). This would help a lot to see, if a photo is not included in any Album or if it is included in more than one Album. Harry
The album feature is fine. Thanks for this. Disabling the possibility to add images of other authors to a long established and personally structured list was... not really a good idea.
Thanks, Klaus-Peter, that's what I regretted some lines below. I spent many, many hours of my time to create these lists, hope at least, they won't be deleted.
Lists are found in "Photos > Lists > Your lists" we will make it possible to add new photos again, the problem is serious performance issues which slows the entire site down which need to be fixed first.
Thanks for your reply, Ralf. Good to hear that additions to already existing personal lists will be made available again. Much appreciated.
Glad to hear that performance issue is in progress and Add To Album function will come back soon. Appreciate that Ralf :)
Glad to hear this, Ralf. Much appreciated !
I agree to Peter: The album feature is fine ... very fine. Well done R&J!!
Is there a way to completely hide the main "portfolio" tab now? Albums allow me to have an organized display. The published tab showcases my published photos easily. Portfolio just seems a bit redundant.
We haven't really thought about that, but we could make an option for it, if a lot of members would like that. However, "Portfolio" is good for finding the latest photos in an easy way. Also, it might be a bit confusing if some have it and some doesn't.
would love to say goodbye to my portfolio tab :)
Everything is working wonderfully now - I think putting albums as the default when loading a portfolio will make this site look even classier than it already does :) Thanks for all the work you guys do!
Glad you enjoy it Anne!
Sorry to be less enthusiastic but I don't understand why this feature is now reserved to plus members. I have a lot of albums and I can't add photo into anymore. This function was free for years before, I understand that new feature should not be free but please, give previous album feature to your faithful no premium/pro 1X users. Thank you :) Guillaume
Lists still exist in "Photos > Lists > Your lists". It will be possible to add photos to lists again but this feature is currently undergoing maintenance because of performance issues.
For my understanding: actually I have 30 different playlists (beside the favorites). If I like an image very much, I first add it to my favorites and from time to time I put some of these favorites in my different playlists. An example: I'm very proud of my playlist "minimalism". Now, if I see a published photo that i find suitable to be part of this playlist "minimalism", then I add it to my favorites and then I add it to "minimalism". This feature doesn't work anymore. Now, if that will not be possible in the future, I would regret this very much. Will the existing playlists be deleted in the future or will they remain (just in the state they are actually at this time)?
A wonderful minimalistic image by Emilian Chirila was published some minutes ago. I told Emilian some days ago that I would add it to my playlist after the relaunch. But if I see it right, it's impossible. Very sorry about that. Or am I wrong?
Hi Hans Martin, it will be possible to add photos to lists again but we have to fix some difficult performance issues with this feature first.
Great feature. Thanks Ralf. I also feel, as Ben, that deleting a picture from the portfolio should automatically delete it from the album(s) which it doesn't at the moment.
This problem has now been fixed, glad you like it otherwise!
Update: Deleted photos no longer show up in 'select images', which is great, thanks! But unfortunately the images still do not get removed from the albums which you have placed them in. I deleted some photos from my portfolio, they were removed from my portfolio but still remain in my albums....and now that we cant see 'deleted' images in selection...i cant remove it. even going to the image in the album and pressing delete does not work. so im stuck with images in the album that shouldnt even exist on the site. I think the easy solution is to actually have the photos which you have deleted really be permanently deleted from the moment it seems they just become hidden or go into some digital purgatory :P
Hi Ben, sorry about the trouble this problem should now also be fixed.
Using Ben's analogy again: the deleted images have gone away from the purgatory but I happen to come across another interesting glitch. If I delete an earlier deleted image from the album, it also reduces the number (it's the number next to the tab) of images in my portfolio. So, even though I have 14 images in my portfolio but it says 5. Not a huge deal, but curious, if others also had this issue.
Hi Ralf, This is going good so far. Here is a question I wanted to ask: Earlier when the lists were available, we could browse through other user's lists. This was a great thing IMO since it opened up way to discover images that were published long time ago. Plus, if I enjoy or share someone's taste, it made it easier for me to find an image that I might enjoy in someone else's list. With the album feature, the lists have gone under the PHOTOS and I see Featured, Popular, Recently Updated and Your List. Are you thinking of bringing the list feature within the album or adding an option like "Followed List" in where it exists? Thanks for all the effort in making this site better!
Hope my question does not sound too hasty or impatient, it just surfaced my mind as I was spending browsing the site with some more detail and trying to figure the nitty-gritties and thought it might be relevant. :-)
Hi Ariel, I understand the question, the problem is that it will be very confusing with both Albums and Lists on the profiles and Albums seem to be much more important so we intend to keep it this way.
Thant makes perfect sense, thanks Ralf!
Great feature, but when I got to 'selected images', the page doesn't show any photos. Thanks!
Sorry about that, please try again it should work now!
It does work, thank you Ralf!
Great addition! However, when I get to "select images" none of my photos show up, even though I tried several times.
Sorry about the trouble, please try again, it should be ok now.
Working great now, thanks for fixing it so soon!
Wonderful improvement! It's been a pleasure to see that the site is always evolving. I have not had time to see the little bugs that they were already solved :)
Thanks Ralf and Jacob for this excellent feature. I'm sure the bugs will be worked out over time.
Hi Greg, you're welcome, the bugs have already been fixed!
Fantastic feature !!!
Thanks for your support Yvette, glad you like it!
I'm looking for an Edit button, so I can change things in the album once I made it and goofed up :)
hover over your icon in the top right, click 'albums.' :P
I know where the albums are, I made an album, I want to edit the album. I want an Edit button like we had previously in our lists feature (it was in the upper right hand corner).
Hi Anne, it took me a while to find that too. But Ben's instruction is correct: please go on to the top right where there is this little thumb-nail with your display picture. If you hover your mouse, a drop down will appear with Your Profile, Upload photos, Photo Directory. The next option is Albums. That will lead you to the editing page. Otherwise, you can go to Hope this helps.
Thanks Ariel, I'm able to get to the editing page of an album just fine. Yesterday Select Photos did not come up for me, today it does so I'm now able to add and delete images at will.
Very well done !!!
Thanks, I hope you find it useful!
Love it :) Thank you! just a few issues: When you click 'select images' you get a list of all the images you have ever uploaded...even the deleted ones which for me is a lot. and for some reason it allows you to add them to the albums and 'bring them back from the dead.' :P Also, now the awards page cannot be accessed, it takes you to the albums page.
The 'about', 'endorsements' and 'blog' tabs also cannot be accessed and bring you to 'albums' when clicked.
I am pleasantly surprised and actually liking that we suddenly got this power to bring the dead ones back to life behind a wall. They are not there but they are still there! It is giving a little moment to look back and see them in a different light! :-) The about and endorsement tab seem to be working here.Only little issue I had was after making the album, I could not find a direct way (or a button) to go to the editing page from the album. I need to type and then I apparently can.
I am noticing the same things as Ben. Endorsements, blog, about, the score and followers button all lead to the albums tab. Plus all my deleted photos are still there (not sure if that is intentional).
Hi Ben, sorry about these hick ups, should be fixed now!
Thanks, Ralf. All the tab issues seem to be resolved. Now under 'select images' i am no longer seeing any images at all. also, after deleting an image from my portfolio, it is still in my albums and will have to go through each album it's in to remove it...hmmmmm. I understand the hickups, now worries! I'm just here to test this stuff and help out :)
Excellent work! Thanks so much!! :-)
Thanks, enjoy!
Looking good. Thanks for this great addition.
Glad you enjoy it, it will make your 1x profile much more useful as a portfolio for all your best photos.
Seems to work. Just created my first album. Great feature ! Thanks a lot !
Glad you like it!