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Turn photos into aluminium mosaics

Did you know that by making your photos available as prints on 1x, you immediately get access to selling not just through 1x but our 12 prints partners as well? This means that with just one click in photo directory you can make your photos availble for sale in 13 different places at the same time! If you want to earn money on your photos this is a great opportunity to sell in many different places with really simple administration for you. Your sales are registered in your "Account settings" page. Make sure to upload high res files for all photos you want to sell ("Upload print version" in the cog wheel).

One of our 12 prints partners who just launched their new service is the very impressive Irial Visual, who uses a new completely unique technique to print photos on aluminium tiles to create metal mosaics. The result is quite stunning. Here is how they describe their product:

"The Irial Visual mosaics are the unique, contemporary reinterpretation of the ancient art of mosaic: they combine the charm of craftsmanship with the modernity of metal and the artists’ images they depict.

Irial Visual is made of a thin and flexible ‘fabric’ of aluminum tiles that takes on reflections and different shades depending on the viewing angle and exposure to sunlight. The random manual arrangement of the tiles means that each fabric is unique.

The Irial Visual mosaic is a modern tapestry, a product of unique design, which adorns the walls of homes, offices, public and private spaces, hotels, spas, restaurants, bars and cafes.

Wall installation is simple and the product requires no maintenance over time."

Are all pictures that we offer for sale made available through all 12 partners or just published images that we make for sale?
Hi Greg, for now it's mainly the published images, but sometimes our partners select photos which are not published so it's a very good idea to upload all your best photos to your profile and don't delete non-published photos.