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Where did my lists go?

Lists have been moved from the profile page to Photos > Lists. We are going to make a new album tab for your own photos only on your profile which will replace the old lists tab. It will be possible to organize your photos in albums and to order the photos within the albums. You may also select the albums tab as the default landing page of your profile so it's the first thing a visitor will see. This is a very convinent way of using your profile as a portfolio for all your best photos neatly organized in different albums instead of just one big lump of photos ordered by upload date. The new albums feature will be available for Plus and Pro members.

Heureka!! thanks a lot for a renewed possibility to sort of favorite in to a personal lists, Thanks again!
the lists are back. But how can you add a photo to one of your lists? I can only add to favorites now ... R.
Hi! The album feature is great! However, I would still like my List feature just the same as before or at least I can organize and add more to my list. With both features, I can organize my images AND favorites as well. For me, my favorites are my "go to" whenever I need to get inspired. Thanks!
Ralf, Could you please explain us how we can organise our actual list and put 1x photo into like before ? From now, is this function will be available for Pro and Plus member only ? If this is the case it's a big regression on 1x :(
I also miss the function to add photos to my own lists. At the moments only fav is possible, correct??
Well....But.....How can I add someone's else photos to my lists? I used to have albums where I added pictures I loved to review from time to time, coming from the main gallery, from authors I liked very much....Have I lost this opportunity from now on?
Great! In that case I'll change my free account ( in the mean time six years old.....!! ) and buy at least a plus account Ralf.....!
Hi, but I am desperate not heaving my fav lists now! :(
Agreed that this is a great feature! What does this mean for Pixu?
That's wonderful news that the album possibility is on its way. Thanks!
The possibility of organizing pictures in albums and to have these as the loading page of a member profile is very, very much welcome. It will make browsing pictures more practical, beautiful, and enjoyable.
Thanks a lot, it will be much easier to enjoy someone's work with this feature and much more practical to use your 1x profile as a portfolio for all your best photos.
A great improvement. Thank you.
Glad you like it!
Great feature, Ralf !!! Thanks a lot ...
You're welcome, hope you will enjoy it!
This sounds great! Can you tell us when this will be available?
Hi Tom, it should be up and running by the end of next week!