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Weekly theme Life winners

Piet Flour, Yvette Depaepe and Nieves Bautista are the very talented winners of weekly theme Life, with their deeply moody and beautiful life moment photos, all three in black and white this time.

1st place, "Where Nothing else Matters" by Piet Flour.

2nd place, "This is the Miracle of Life" by Yvette Depaepe.


3rd place, "The Immensity of Nature" by Nieves Bautista.

Honorable mentions

By Tom R. Grabuscnigg.

By Florence Menu.

By Silvia Simonato.

By Romario Severino.


By OÄŸuz Ipçi.

By Sebastian Luczywo.


By Anna Golitsyna.

By John WIlhelm.


That feels nice, the honorable mention :-) .I wish for a notification and happy that I did not miss it, after all. Thanks for the selection!
On the site was formed group of permanent winners, may be required to provide them with a separate hight leagues? And let them compete against each other.