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Spiritual weekly theme winners

Our calmest, most gracious and spiritual congratulations to the winners of weekly theme Zen! First place goes to Yvette Depaepe, second place to Walde Jansky and third place to Tom R. Grabuschnigg. 

Tomorrow our prestigious photo contest 1x Photo Awards will open! You can win $10.000 and have your photos selected by world-famous photographer Steve McCurry. It's open for everyone and anyone can win!

1st place, "Come forth into the Light of Things" by Yvette Depaepe.

2nd place, "Sleeping Buddha" by Walde Jansky.

3rd place, "The Essence of Zen" by Tom R. Grabuschnigg.
Honorable mentions

By Vito Guarino.

By Tatiana Gorilovsky.

By Nadav Jonas.

By Bernadette De Spiegeleer.

By Piet Flour.

By Anja Buehrer.

By Natalia.

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