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New official curator

We are very excited to let you know that Lara Kantardjian has joined the team of curators! Lara is an accomplished artist, who do both paintings and photography. She has a very solid art education and will be a very good addition to the team to spot those really special slow artistic images that are hard to find but very important to 1x. Please join us in welcoming her!

Some of Lara's work:



Thank you all so much for the encouraging words!!
Being a big fan of Lara's work, I consider her choice as an official curator to be a great opportunity for us to see more excellent street selections on 1x, congratulations Lara !!!
Big big big congratulations, Lara ;-)))
A great choise.....congrats Lara!!
very happy for you and for 1X Lara
Wonderful new´s! Congratulation Lara!!
Great choice. Congrats to 1x and Lara!!
Congratulations Lara.
That's wonderful! Congrats!
congratulations, Lara...
wow, great to have you dear Lara! and of course, thank you for your precious time for the members as I know you are very busy as well. Greetings girl, glad to hear this news!
congrats to Lara .... well chosen, love her works.