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Turn your photos into a movie

1x member Julie de Waroquier shows how you can turn your photos into a movie, using inspiration from your photographs and recreating them in a video. We are quite impressed with the result.

Between dream and reality

“ReÌ‚valités” (“Dreamalities”) is a collaborative short film created by a director and film-maker, Damien Steck, and a photographer, Julie de Waroquier. Imagined by Damien, the film is a video adaptation of Julie’s photography book. The film, which was shot with a digital reflex, thus reproduces in movement several pictures taken by Julie, inserting them at the same time in a new scenario. The project consequently results from a fecund inte- raction between film and photography: the photographs inspired the film in the first place, while the short film gives them a second life and extends their fantasy. All the more so as Julie was able to bring her color processing techniques during the post-production, to rein- force the aesthetic bounds between the photographs and their film animation.

About 15 photographs are thus recreated, and enriched by Damien’s vision. In the end, the short film invites us to explore a world oscillating between dream and reality, offers a path between two worlds and depicts a dream under reality’s surface.


Back in her childhood house, a young woman lets herself be overwhelmed by memories that she thought she had forgotten. Little by little, the dreamy world of a lonely though poetic childhood crumbles. Even if she tries to control it, reality gets the upper hand, the house in which she grew appears to be abandoned and ruined. Her family, the roots that she escaped and that she hoped to find again no longer exist. 

Some of Julie's photos published on 1x:


Amazing work, Julie !!! I'm impressed ...