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Expensive winners

No cheap tricks were involved when John Wilhelm, Vito Guarino and Sreten Pantelic won the weekly theme Expensive. Our most generous congratulations to you!

June 1 our exclusive photo competition 1x Photo Awards 2014 will open for entries. The grand prize is $10.000 and the judge is famous Steve McCurry.

1st place, "The Photoholic Construction Kit" by John Wilhelm.

2nd place, "Expensive food" by Vito Guarino.
3rd place, "Photo Artillery" by Sreten Pantelic.

Honorable mentions


By Romario Severino.

By Birgit Friebel.

By Joxe Inazio Kuesta Garmendia.

By Yvette Depaepe.

By Rahul Tripathi.

By Aydina Aksoy.

By Michele Chiroli.

By Tommi.

thanks so much