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New official curator

We are more than happy to welcome Christopher Schlaf to the team of official curators! Christopher is a very accomplished wildlife photographer who has a special talent for capturing birds in action with crystal clear sharpness. There is no bird that can fly fast enough to escape his camera! He will make a great addition to the team in the nature department and we are thrilled to have Christopher onboard, please join us in congratulating him! 

"On the Run"

"The Fish that almost got Away"

"Look I can Walk on Water"

"Get Your Ducks in a Row"


"Sitting on Top"


"Decaying Leaf"

"Look into my Eyes"

"Moment of Tenderness"


Congratulations Chris! Greetings.
Congrats and good luck!
Thank you very much everyone for all kind words Very much appreciated :-) Chris
Great news Christopher. Glad you are joining the ranks of the 1x curators.
Congrats Christopher. Anyone who has followed him won't be surprised why he was chosen.
Congrats and good luck !!
Congratulations, Christopher! I'm always so excited to see your images, that I never wait for them to hit the front page - I'm always checking out your portfolio! :) You're going to be a great curator!!
Stunning images, well done, good luck as a curator.
Congratulations Christopher, very deserved this recognition. I think it is a good thing that there is someone on the team who knows the difficulty involved in making a photograph to a wild animal and handling of large telephoto lenses. This is a good thing for everyone.
compliments christopher
Chris is at the helm! Excellent news! Congratulations to you. Your contribution to 1x is so appreciated. Enjoy it!
Congrats on the new position! :-)
Congratulation Christopher!!
Thank you very much everyone for the nice welcome and congrats it is very much appreciated :) Chris
Congrats! Good luck and thanks for your time.
Congratulations ! Glad to hear this great news.
Many compliments, Christopher
Congrats Christoph, well deserved, thumps up to you, good luck and thank you ;)
Congratulations, Christopher. We have always admired your work as a nature photographer.
congrats! and thank you for your precious time for the community!
Congratulations, Christopher. Huge honor, glad to see this appointment. :)
Big congratulations, Chris !!!
This is great news. Well deserved spot Christopher. Your wildlife images are treasures, sheer eye-candy, and an inspiration to view.