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Write a caption for the photo below and have the chance to win both of our best photos books No Words and Passion! Let us know what the baby elephant is thinking or write another caption for the photo! After one week we will select the winner. The value of No Words and Passion is $149/119€!

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© Antje Wenner
You wouldn't believe what I've just seen!
Mam, why must I take a shower?
Ok, Antje, let's make a deal. I will show myself at my very best and you will write a tutorial after 1x has published the image. I'm quite sure 1x will publish it. So, I think I did my part, now it's up to you. Enjoy writing !
The photo is already published! =) The winner of the caption contest will be announced soon!
Swimming trunks.
title: "Look mom, there's another crazy photographer"
Veni, vidi vici
Since an elephant's baby is called a "calf" and this one is only half visible, so my title is "Half calf".
On the river where little elephants play, all fish are away
Wet look
Mom! There is someone watchin us.
Must be Sunday ... beach is so crowded !!
Born to be wild
Ups, I peed in the water...
I'm just too cute for words.
Come out you guys - he doesn't bite.
What did you say? I'm too heavy??? Oh, I think I'm deaf on this ear! You must speak louder!
"Courtly elephant baby"
Look, look, we got a tail in the nose!
No picture please ... I just feel so irrelephant in this situation !!!
Coming out "I'm Here!"
"sorry my brother/sister, photo op!!"
""Go to the beach with your family", they said..."it will be fun!", they said...never again."
How do you get four elephants into a bathtub? (Just look at photo)
“What a Delightful Life!” This is my second suggestion, I hope it’s allowed. If not please feel free to delete.
never more public beach
"help me mama..."
Miluji forografování
"I'm ready for my close-up".
"Boost me up! I want to show my good side!"
Why struggle myself, let others do the work
:) lol, he does look like that!
"A Born Leader"
Uuh guys...! We're being watched...!
I never liked the game "Pile of children".
OK, you've washed my butt enough already!!!
I might be the youngest, but I am the strongest at heart!!!!
"What a strange trunk" wonders the little elephant looking at the photographer hidden behind his super telephoto.
that's it, indeed :-)))
Three-legged creature