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Where was your photo taken?

You can now enter the location of where your photo was taken in the cog wheel below the photo "Edit photo details" or in your photo directory. You can pin the location on the map or use the seach field to search for a specific town. When you have entered the location a map will show up in the info-panel in the toolbar below your photos, which is very interesting information to your viewers! 

If you enter complete information about a published photo (like a short description and the location) you will get 200 extra award points for each image! Your photo will also climb higher in the list of popular photos.

Screenshot from photo directory:

    Enter where your photos were taken in the new photo directory.

Jae and Vulture ... it works ... but the system needs some time to get it all in place. if you look later you'll see everything is filled in
Thanks Piet. I believe I spotted my error. While the photo says 100%, the description is still listed as "short". I expanded upon that area on one of my photos and then it gave me the points. User error on my part :-)
I completed the info on a few of my published photos to where it says 100%. When I update it does not give me any points for complete info.
Same here
Sorry about the trouble, we will investigate the problem and let you know when it's solved.
It works very well, I have included little-known locations and were immediately identified in the map.
Great, thanks a lot!
I agree with Greg. A problem is that some tools like Lightroom stores the GPS coordinates in a different format than 1x reqiures. Unfortunately, it takes some extra work to convert these information.
Sorry about the trouble, we will investigate if it's possible to transfer this information, but in the mean time it's much appreciated that you enter it manually in the cog wheel below the photo "Edit photo details" or in the photo directory.
Thank you for your investigation. I've figured out a temporary workaround: With an ALT-Click on the arrow-icon next to the gps metadata field in Lightroom, it will open the location on the Google-Maps website. There are the gps coordinates shown in decimal (1x) as well as the Degrees/Minutes/Seconds format (Lightroom).
It would be great if 1x would read in the EXIF data automatically (including location information) when the pictures were uploaded. Then the the information would not have to be entered manually after the upload.
Well, not everyone wants to give out always his / her EXIF Data. It is great as is.
In that case you could just chose to remove the EXIF and IPTC from the files before you upload them.
We are currently looking into that, however if you use for example "Save for web" in Photoshop all exif data is stripped.
Hi Ralf, many are using Lightroom as well, where EXIF is consistently maintained. Especially since I have a GPS enabled camera, it's cumbersome to have the data in the EXIF, but have to lookup the location manually for 1x. As there seems to be different opinion on EXIF usage, I would suggest a button 'Fill from EXIF' that prepopulates fields using the EXIF data when entering a picture's information.