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At least 100 votes

There has been some concerns that photos are not in curation long enough. Therefore we have now made sure that each photo will get at least 100 votes before the official curators take a decision about publishing it or not. This means that photos will stay a lot longer in curation.

It also means that we are going to need a lot more votes than before to ensure that all photos get at least 100 votes, so please go ahead and spend some extra time in curation and help out to find the most sublime photos in the world.

I asked before on other threads, but never really got an answer.. What kind of information do the curators actually see when looking at the pictures. Do they see the photographers name? Sometimes I have the feeling that some of the decisions are a bit biased, especially towards well known people in the 1x world. Like Bareya mentioned bellow, people may feel frustration with some of the curators decisions, if for example they have a high percentage rate from the peers and the picture doesn't get published. On other hand, sometimes you see a pretty average picture by a well known person, appreciation rate is bellow 50% and still it gets published, and just makes you wonder how fair that is. Same goes for the Weekly themes, I think the pictures should not contain the author information..
They see all of the information including the photogs name. Member voting seems to have little impact on the publication result. I dont think that is a negative thing. Ultimately it is up to the curators and i feel they are unbiased. The weekly theme is currently biased and based on popularity but as of a few weeks ago i believe Ralf stated they are working on changing this.
For the curation to be as objective as possible, I dont think one needs more than the information that is showed on the Curate pages. Image + Title + Category + Description, anything else seems to me irrelevant.
Is there any way that photos that were submitted for curation a year or more ago could be re-submitted if we have made technical improvements to them? The only way i can see is to delete the image from your portfolio and then re-upload it. Clearly you would not want everyone re-submitting every photo, but some mechanism with restrictions might be useful..
I think you're on to something. We are always hearing, 'leave images in your portfolio even if they are rejected, there is a possibility they will be accepted later.' but how many times does that actually happen? I have never seen it. It's a sad story when an amazing piece is rejected because another similar image was accepted that day and then you have lost the opportunity to submit that piece again. It would be helpful if there was way to resubmit after a certain period of time after it was rejected. Even if you cannot submit for another month. But after the second rejection re-submission is not allowed. Something to that extent.
I would like to see such a function as well. With all the new features and heavy focus on user curation it would be great for everyone to be able to re-submit and get the chance to re-evaluate their pictures that were previously not published or without feedback.
Unfortunately, this is starting to remind facebook. Curators should decide which photograph to be published and not users - spending the time to click through to get points. (My photography had good comments (Popularity 72% (309 votes) and has not been published. Why?) It's a very good photo service (exclusive for me) but the new rules are for me not acceptable
It's just like you say, the official curators take all the final decisions. The result from member curation is an important factor that the official curators take into account but it does not decide the final outcome. For example a photo would probably not be published even with 99% popularity if a vey similar photo was recently published.
For example a photo would probably not be published even with 99% popularity if a vey similar photo was recently published. But Ralf i can named severel members they have hundred pictures publist with similar images not only the same style the same background and the same i named trick.
I also support the improvement. I only have one question: when I submit several pictures for curation at once (one after another within a couple of minutes) how is it possible that some pics have 80 votes while other pics get over 100, considering they all were submitted simultaneously?
Hi Nikolay. Sometimes a photo isn't voted on because the image won't load due to browser or user error. Other times members decide to skip the image by refreshing their browser and loading a different image without clicking 'publish' or 'reject.'
This has also been a big concern of mine. Some of the photos that I have recently posted only lasted in curation for a couple of hours and were then denied. I was not upset about the rejection, but that only a small amount of people were actually getting the chance to say 'yes' or 'no.' As I watched other shots of mine either make publication (or come close to it), the percentages for those shots varied greatly over the week or so it was left in publication (one photo moving from 55% to 79% in the course of 48 hours). Many thanks for all the tweaking that you guys are doing at 1x!!!
Thanks for the feedback and glad that you like it!
That is indeed an improvement! Thanks.
Good to hear, thanks Susanne!
Would't it be better to have another option here? I mean: 100 votes or, at least, three, four (five...I don't know exactly) days in the curation process. Otherwise a picture could be taken in Limbo for a very, very long time. On my view the curation status (I mean "in curation", written in yellow in the provided section of the personal page) should be endure until the first of the two option is finally fulfilled
100 votes is the minimum if a photo require even more time it will get more time. Thanks for the input!
I like this change and think it is an improvement. I woold also like to spend more time in curation but first I want to have two things explained: 1. when submitting image to curation a text appears that says that the curation process usually takes up to two weeks. But what about a photo that has gotten 100 votes and it says in the curation info "Not published" after maybe two days. Isn't that the final desicion? I find this to be contradictory and would like to have ot more clear. 2. I have just noticed that I can't deleta a photo which has got "Not published" in curation info after two days. When will it be possible for me to delete it (if I choose to do so)? After two weeks? All the best, Bragi
Hey there. you can still delete the photo by going to the photo in gallery mode and clicking the 'cog wheel', then delete photo.
Ben, thanks a lot for the information. I didn't take in these changes that have been made. It is not possible to delete the image in "Edit photo details" as used to be.
Hey Bragi, up to two weeks means everything from a couple of hours to two weeks, it varies a lot depending on the individual photo. If it says not published it's a final decision, however, if you decide not to delete the photo but keep it on your profile, the curators might published it at a later time. The "portfolio" tab is intended for the photos that you personally think are your best, so please don't delete photos even if they are not published.
Hey Ralf, just a quick observation. It does not say "up to two weeks." It says "It usually takes two weeks." Which indicates that this is the case more often than not, however that is not true. The majority of the time the photo is rejected in 24-48 hours. This time frame is a huge improvement and an appreciated one as well but I do feel the wording on the "submit to curators" tab should be modified. You may want to consider a mention of the '100 votes' rule as well to inform users who may not see this blog post. Please read this suggestion and others by following this link if you have not already seen them: Thank you.
Hi Ralf and thanks for your response. I have been a 1x member for 5 years now in April and most of this time 1x has been a curated gallery - just for published photos. I have liked it that way and although the site has changed I have not. Therefore my portfolio will continue to be only for my published photos. Best wishes.