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Curation info went missing?

Curation info has moved and can now be found in the photo directory in your account menu or in the cog wheel below your photo when you edit information about the photo. In the curation info you can see the popularity of the photo in curation, the curation status and any comments from members in curation.

In photo directory you get a very good overview over all your photos and you can enter information about photos like a description and camera information, make photos easily availble for sale to earn some money and upload high resolution files for prints.

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Mine opinion is the same as the others, new way is not that good, actually a lot of things here lately for me personally are wrong. I am pretty sure that the moderators of the site make all those changes for good and with idea, but as I said above, personally for me most of the ghanges are limiting uncomfortable and clumsy for users on 1x.
Thanks for your valuable feedback, please send an email to support[at] with any suggestions about how to further improve the site.
It was more comfortable the way it was before - easier access. I see the point of Edoardo, but cannot say I agree - the pic is already uploaded and sent for curation - additional info post factum cannot help its curation. I know that 1x wants to encourage photographers to add more info on their pictures, but in my view you guys need to think of other incentives.
Thanks for your feedback. The idea is to gather all information about each photo in the same place so everything will be easier to find in the future. We also want to try to avoid cluttering the cog wheel menu below the photos with more and more options.
You need to clarify if it is only published pictures that are listed for sale when someone searches the site. The implication is that all pictures are available if you just tick the box.
Actually even the non published ones are available if you open the photos and use the buy-menu in the bottom right. We will try to clarify it.
Does this work if you are a potential customer and use the seach box ?. I did try tjhis and none of my pictures were visible. So unless the customer knows my name I am pretty much invisible. The main reason for joining this site was to increase my chances of picture sales and this is also why I paid more to get more images on here.
it was perfect where it was before, you had quick access to it :(
I agree with you but I think that in this way the user is persuaded to enter additional information in the photo directory.