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New photo book Passion released Today!

Today at 10 PM CET our new year book Passion will be released! The book includes 220 of our best photos filled with passion. It's printed in an exclusive limited edition of only 1700 copies. The first 170 copies will be signed by the founders and #1, #17, #77, #117 and #177 comes with one year of Pro membership, so make sure to order early, especially if you want to be guranteed to get it before Christmas.

We are very proud and excited about this book which we have already received feedback is the best 1x book so far, big thanks to all our fantastic photographers making this possible!

Stay tuned!

Great work as always, keep it up.
How can I know about current status of my order?
How do you know which one who was the first to order? I ordered and payed just some seconds after it was released but I don´t know if I was the first though.
Is this the tutorials book or just a picture book?
Is there any announcement about the selected photographers?
Good question... I'm curious too...
Yesterday I received an email by Ralf, that my picture was published in Passion. So yes, for the photographer. Cheers, Manfred