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Increase your chances of getting published

Increase your chances of getting published by adding a short description in the cog wheel below the photo "Edit photo details". If you explain how your photo is made or if you share an interesting story behind it, you are likely to get a higher score in member curation and increase your chance of being published. Besides the higher score, the official curators are more likely to publish because they will not be in doubt about how your photo is made or what they are looking at.

A good description is at least 3-4 sentences long and explains the idea behind the photo, where and when it's taken, what we see in the photo, how it's made and any other extra context.

You will also increase your chances of selilng prints if you add descriptions to them, since print buyers very often request to know the story behind the photo. Make photos availble as prints in "Account Settings".

Not the least, photos with descriptions will end up higher in the list of popular photos, since descriptions has such great value to viewers we want want to reward writing them.

If you are not that familiar with English, ask a friend to translate or try using Google translate and then fix the text a bit.

a bit off topic - but I hope to clarify a confusion. Just recently there were many posts against and for writing public comments in curating process. and just now, when most of us got used to it, and write comments in a way helpful to the photographer, trying to give tips for improving work, etc. - I see - the curator comments once again disappeared from the view of photo author. I am not saying any more what is best (I was against these public post, and just got used to them by now) - but it would be helpful to be briefed on these changes. Like in this instance, a short announcement would help us not writing comments addressed to photo authors which will not see them, anyway. So, for whom are we writing these comments in critique now? just to help curators? that's ok, but would be good to know. Cheers! Derek
They're still available for you to see Derek. You just need to go to your "Photo Directory", click on the Edit button of the photo you'd like to check out, and scroll down to the curation status & comments and you'll see them there :)
Sorry I come here as a photografer not as a writer.
I totally understand how you mean, however, you only need to write a few lines about each photo to give it a much richer viewing experience and make the viewers much more curious about your photography.
Interesting because the proposal allows more photo information, which benefits both the photographer and the viewer. I propose creating a simple record to put the EXIF data of the picture, so that the photographer who wants to voluntarily put the data can hecerlo. This technique can be standardized photo information. Greetings.
I've always felt adding EXIF would be a plus, especially in Critique. Also, making it voluntary works fine.
Good idea, we will fix that!
Second the call for EXIF data. It must not be added automatically during upload, but at least give us a single click, when that prefills the fields, when someone adds the details by hand.