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You can now see blogs by members to the right in the 1x blog. Feel free to share any information about workshops, exhibitions, trips, photo projects, photography philosophy, tips and hints or anything else photo related you want to share and others to read. If we get a lot of good blogs we will also make a most popular blogs feature, a follow feature for blogs and also staff picks. 

Here is my blog:
I believe these should be curated before they are publicly displayed. I spent some time creating a serious entry, but it is surrounded by spam, dead links, etc. I would like to read blogs from other members, but the way blogging is set up now, with every member's blog posting automatically promoted, it will become a haven for spammers.
I agree with Tom. Curated blog posts would solve the problem of spamming. On the other hand it's an additional task for the 1x team. More work, longer reaction time.
You could do it programmatically if you didn't show any blog unless it came from an L3 or above and unless it contained more than 500 characters. This still wouldn't eliminate dedicated spammers, but it would take care of 90% of the drek that's there now.
Looks like the blog list needs a lot of trimming. A few are worthwhile, some are useless and appear to be used as back links to other sites, some spammers are joining in too.
Seems someone is abusing the blog feature for spamming:
Thanks for reporting, the spammers have now been deleted.
Is there a mail address or a web site feature to contact 1x due to spam issues? So I don't have to spam comments here to reporting spam. ;)
Under community go to "groups" then choose "support" group.