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Thanks to our partners Eurographics (biggest in Europe), Uniek, Gallerix and Photowall we are now selling hundreds of prints every month. We have a unique art collection which has proved to be very popular as prints. Several of our photographers have already made more than 1000 euros selling a single photo on Eurographics. 

To participate in selling prints and start earning money from your photography simply select your photos as prints in "Account settings" > "Select photos to sell". A very wide variety of photos have been sold so it's a good idea to make as many photos as possible availble if you want to sell a lot.

Please also make sure to upload all photos you want to sell in high resolution, in the original resolution from camera (no upsizing/downsizing) in the cog wheel below the photo "Upload print version". If you don't upload your photos in high resolution we will unfortunately not be able to sell them.

Send an email to support[at] if you have any questions about print sales.

can you tell me if "" also is a partner of
Does 'exclusive' license mean that I may not sell my image on other sites other than 1x and partners? May be a stupid question, but I just would like to make sure I understood that correctly as I am not good at lawyer talk.
The license is only exclusive when one of your photos have been selected by Eurographics. You can still sell on 1x and through our other partners without exclusivity.
Thank you Ralf, for the clarification.
When I go to my selling panel it shows all my old, deleted photos. Is there any way to clean these out so it is easier to only select my active photos? Thanks!
We will investigate this issue, thanks for reporting.
may be related to the same issue: on the portfolio tab in user's profiles it shows the # of photos uploaded all-time rather than current # of photos. not sure if this is how you wanted it. hope this helps.
Ben, I also have that issue. I had emailed support about it before and it was fixed then. The count was reset to the correct number, but after that point newly deleted photos are still showing in the total again. Just minor issues, but thanks for investigating Ralf.
Although it is tempting to try, the granted "exclusive and irrevocable licenses and sublicenses" upon signing the agreement, were always a reason for me to stay away. Among other unclear conditions. Since you removed the second, more neutral print agreement, is there still a chance for pictures to be sold solely through Without signing the Eurographics agreement? Given we have made them available for prints. I didn't follow the development of it, and prints aren't my focus anyway. But I'm still curious.
The exclusive and irrevocable license is only for photos selected by Eurographics, which is a completely separate agreement. Even though Eurographics license says irrevocable, it usually lasts for 2-3 years only. You can still sell on 1x and all our other partners without exclusivity, all you need to do is selecting your photos in "Account settings" > "Select photos to sell".