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New Popular feature

The popular feature has been redesigned and instead of showing the most popular photos within certain time frames, like today, this weeks, this month and ever, it shows what is most popular right now. It's much more beautiful and simple and easy to use with only one popular feature instead of four and a large majority of users were only looking at popular today anyway.

In this new feature an old photo that gets a lot of attention will climb in the list of popular photos if it gets more views, likes and comments etc. so there will be a much bigger diversity with the possibilty to enjoy really good photography that was uploaded a long time ago to 1x. At the same time it will favor new photos a bit so that the popular feature is always fresh and up to date and also shows what's most popular from what's been published the last day.

Another big advantage over the old popular today and week features is that the new popular feature presents all photos on the entire site based on their current popularity with endless scrolling so the list will never run out unless you scroll to the bottom of our nearly 65 000 fantastic published photos!

I understand things have to change sometimes … but still I preferred the previous way ;-)) - Now the new and the popular are very much similar. - In the past when you missed some days the "today" and certainly the "this week" list was a great way to rapidly see what you missed … and both lists where much more different from each other. I looked very often to the "this week" list. - And, I remember when I came as a new member the "most popular ever" was a great way to learn to know the site; and also to discover great members who where not uploading recently, or less successful for some period. - indeed, scrolling down for a long time is not funny, certainly as when you reach the bottom of the page suddenly you jump accidentally again to the top , and when you select an image and come back , it also happens you don't come in the list again at the same place … and again you have to scroll to search where you left it.
I join completely remarks of Bruce Dailey ... Ralf's answer doesn't convince me at all, the 'scroll down's' endless and nobody will screw down during more than 1 minute (which already is a very long time) ... conclusion, only a small very small part of pictures got a chance to be seen :-((((
According my experience: If you use a category you do not have to scroll down very much to find older photos.
If you select a category, curate's choice or go to someone's profile you can discover a lot of older very interesting work. Also if you really want to see older photos just scroll down a bit. Another big advantage is that old pictures that become popular again will climb up on the popular list. Very few people were using the popular ever and popular of the week features, so with this new feature older photos actually have a higher chance to be seen more.
Oh no... As a newcomer to this site and aspiring photographer I used the Popular Ever feature to see "what I've missed so far" and to find the best/most popular in a more timeless sense. I fear that I'll become trendy where the focus is on what's hot at the moment.
If you scroll down a bit you will soon find a lot of the most popular ever photos. You can also check out Curator's Choice for some really good older work.
So far Popular pictures are mostly resorted today's pictures. As such this feature is not that interesting (yet?). I also think that Curator's Choice still should be there, to show off what is considered the best of the best.
The advantage is that when you scroll down it won't stop after today's photos. We will tweak the algorithm a little more to bring out more older photos as well. I'm not sure what you mean about curators choice is missing?
Curator's Choice were pictures that were additionally hand picked by curators and had two markings: on for publishing in the Gallery and one for being additionally praised by a curator. Those are gone now.
Hi, Anna. Nothing has changed. If you click on "PHOTOS" a page appears with the headline NEW, POPULAR, CURATOR'S CHOICE and FOLLOWING. Then you click on CURATOR'S CHOICE and you'll find all those images that were handpicked by the curators and have the two markings.