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New Presentation of Tutorials

We are working on a new digital tutorial book which will be similar to our very popular printed tutorial books, but with much more information and extra material and a lot more tutorials. Our goal is to have an impressive 1000 tutorials upon release. When this is released we are also going to remake the presentation of tutorials on 1x and make sure that all tutorials are proof read, that no important information is missing and that they all have the same format to make them easy to understand and follow. 

In the mean time you will find your old tutorials here.

If you still want your old tutorials to be visible to the public, please go ahead and paste them in your blog on your profile. Please don't paste any tutorials publically which have been included in the previous books or which have been requested by 1x or our book editors for new books, because that will spoil the new digital tutorial book.

If you have any tutorials which are long enough (700 words not counting camera info and biography) and have not yet been published in one of the books please go ahead and send them to support[at] and we will consider them for publication. You are also very welcome to write new tutorials for any number of your published photos. You will get 500 points and 3 months of Pro membership for each tutorial you write. Your photos with tutorials will also end up much higher in the list of popular photos when the new tutorials feature is released.

I am interested to participate in making a tutorial. Who is the best person who can help out or can direct on how a tutorial will be made? Is there an available sample tutorial here? I saw only one time from one of the pictures I stumbled before then that was it. I hope somebody can help. Thank you in advance.
There are some guidelines here: And you can have a look at one I wrote a few days ago for a more live representation:
Thank you Bill, I will check it out!