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1x is about finding the best photos in the world and to inspire photographers to reach for the sublime. An important step for achieving this is to help photographers develop. Inspiration and learning are corner stones of 1x and their importance are going to grow even more. The new curation feature where you get in-depth feedback on your images is the first step and tutorials is the second step towards this goal.

Unfortunately the printed versions of the recent tutorial books are on hold, because of some problems with our American publisher. The good news is that instead we will release a digital tutorial book in April/May, which will include all the tutorials of the old books as well a lot of new ones, all in all around 1000 tutorials, a true well of photographic knowledge! All these tutorials are proof read to ensure highest quality in all aspects and that no important information is missing.

Every contribution to this new tutorial tutorial book is very much appreciated and will make you earn 500 points in the levels system for each tutorial you write. You will also get 3 months of Pro membership for each tutorial. Please get in touch with one of the book editors ( or ralf[at], if you want to help out to write one or more tutorials to inspire a lot of people and to help them develop as photographers. If you are not familiar with English, write it in your own language and we will find a translator.

wouldn't it be possible to add a Tutorial button for writing tutorials, as opposed to contacting the Crew directly?
Hi Ralf, It would be nice to have the Tutorials item back, who is unique for a photo site. When I was giving workshops (making-off) in photo clubs, i told the photographers that on 1x they could find "tutorials", how an image was made. They all find it very interesting to go there and to learn. Which is the most important IMO. Best, Ben
Tutorials will be back in another form, all proof read and of highest quality.
Ralf... I may be wrong, but I presume that what you say means that you'll be altering the photographers copyrighted text. AFAIK do the current T&C's not give you the right to do this. Correct me if I'm wrong. I think the correct action would have been to inform all the authors that were so kind to submit a tutorial for their up front permission and to inform them about the tutorials being unavailable for some time.
It's not like we are changing your text man. Most of the time it's fragmented sentences, sentence shifting, wordiness errors, etc. We're not altering your content, ideas, hints, processing workflow, etc, we're just editing ( if needed ) the text to ensure that it's up to's standards.
Dear Ralf, I must admit, and I am sorry to express such doubt. But I simply don't understand the philosophy and thinking behind the new scoring system. Isn't the vision of 1X to find the best photos in the World and honour and award the best photographers? If this is the case, then the new scoring system is designed completely wrong. I don't what is happening to 1X ? I cannot spend my time curating others, I am a photographer. Curating I would leave to professionals. Jan Jan
The new scoring system is designed to find the best curators and photographers. You both get points for getting photos published and doing curation. The top list is also a combination of published photos and activity in curation.
Dear Ralf, I am very happy to hear that 1X will reload the tutorials. It is very important that 1X respects the work of the members. Many has put a lot of work into preparing tutorials. Just because you introduce a new scoring system, you should not disregard and delete the work that was been done previously. By the way, why has somebody deleted the comment that I wrote on this blog? Isn't it an open forum that encourages discussion and dialogue? Jan
What happened to all the tutorials that we have made in the past? I assume that will re-upload the work that we have already done. Thank you. Jan Møller Hansen
They will be back soon, we are currently doing some maintenance of the tutorials database.
Ralf, correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like all the V2 tutorials I've written have been removed. At least, they're not available any more as a link on the images page. I have written 3 high-quality tutorials, where one was even good enough to be published in your first tutorial book. Do you just disregard all the volunteering work that was put into this? I hope I am wrong here, but this feels very much as an act of contempt and is not the way I like to be treated. Please revert ASAP.
I accede to Frédéric's request to Ralf. I noticed this this morning that my already written tutorials where gone from my portfolio. I had put much work writing these 10 tutorials and was not pleased to see that they had been removed without notice. But I hope there is some good explanation and the tutorials will be back soon where they belong.
Fully agree, Frédéric. Just my words. Jan
My 3 tutorials are gone as well and I put a lot of work into writing them.
Nothing is gone, they are temporarily unavailble because we are doing some maintenance and updating of the system.
What about tutorials that we wrote prior to this change? Will they still be eligible for the 500p?
You have to write a new tutorials in order to get bonus points, 500p for each tutorial written.
I feel if this is the case then something has to change: users who rated many photos when only mobile curation was around (points did not exist at the time) later received the hundreds or thousands of points they would have earned once points were implemented on the desktop site. Either those points need to be take away or points need to be given for past curated photos (50p) and past written tutorials (500p). Otherwise we are being biased to those who spent their hours on their mobile devices rating photos. There must be a balance.
Ok, can we write a new tutorial for the same pictures that we already wrote tutorials for. Will that get us the 500p for the old tutorials?