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The new curate feature is a huge success, already with over 2 million votes! Thanks everyone for helping out in curation and making this possible! Especially big thanks to everyone writing great detailed feedback on photos in curation.

We want to make a set of guides about composition, colors, lighting, originality and so on, so member curators get more ideas about what to look for in photos, how to judge them and what to comment. If you are an expert in any of these areas or know about a special technique and would like to help out making the guides, please send an email to [email protected]. Your efforts are very much appreciated and you will get extra credit and some free membership!

I dont believe the 1X Team is looking for a standardized guideline - creativity should not be "stenciled" - I guess its more about receiving more qualified critiques in member curation - which is a great idea for mentioned reasons
i think it will be very difficult to create a standardized guideline that fits with any image of the broad range of photography. Maybe the composition of a photo is an important issue for nearly all kind of photography, other aspects like colors, light, b&w, post processing, idea play a different role on portrait, street, wildlife, minimalism, abstract or creative edit images. Nevertheless I'm looking forward to your initiative with great interest.
Thanks for your support! The idea is not to create a guide for how to vote but rather learning guides to teach beginners about different areas of photography.
Clear guidelines for Member Curation is one part, which is really important, indeed. The way it is too many critiques I was reading while curating were meaningless at best - some discouraging or even insulting ... I felt sorry for for the photographers ( critiques using words like "bad" - "awful" "senseless" etc) Whats missing is a clear description for the new 1X CURATION PROCESS - i.e. is Member curation influencing the official curators decisions ( for example: photo has to reach "x" percent popularity in member curation before being chosen for final curation of professional curators / if photo reaches "x" Perzent popularity in member curation it will be published w/o additional professional curation) - If the new MEMBER CURATION not influencing the final decision: why should peer members "curate" at all and press buttons like "publish" or "reject" ? People who send photos for curation at least should be able to choose if they even want these additional "critiques" - In my opinion there is no good reason to have it included - Photographers who want to have critique / want to learn always can send their photos for "critique" anyway ... The professional curation always made 1X special - and made a big difference to other PHOTO SITES - and I assume they have clear guidelines - why not publishing their guidelines for "publish" or "reject" ? At least it gives a hint why and how photos get chosen ,,, or not.
Used to be worse with a lot of images getting sarcastic comments. Kudos to the moderators keeping it in check. Quality of comments, thats right the quality in general, has gone up. I guess getting x% pushes an image higher for official assessment is fine. However I'd rather not see an image gets auto published for hitting x%. In the end its the internet and its rampant with "duck face selfie artists", if you catch my drift.