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Are you an English expert?

Big thanks for all photographers on 1x writing great tutorials and inspiring a lot of people to become photographers! Unfortunately we have experienced some problems with our Engish publisher and it is unfortunately uncertain when the tutorial books will be released in English. The good news is that we are going to make a digital version of the tutorial book, with all tutorials written so far, around 500 tutorials, included. This means that we have a lot of texts to proof-read.

If you are interested in helping out proof-reading tutorials please contact [email protected]. English should be your native language and you should preferably have some special education in English or experience from writing or proof-reading. You should be an expert at English grammar, spelling and idioms and have some knowledge of photography and Photoshop as well. You will get one month of Pro membership for each tutorial that you proof-read and a free Passion book after proof-reading 20 tutorials.

Thanks for your help!

Haven't heard back from the staff, I guess they don't like where I come from :-(
Hi, Just sent an email to [email protected]. Looking forward to hear from you soon. Usman.
Good idea Ralf:-) I can use some help!
I have been sent 10. I just finished the first one, well almost finished as I did not understand the author's use of the word "stressed". Here's what was written: "However, I stressed it out before, using the “lasso tool” in Photoshop. (He's talking about his post processing of the image).
Do you already know when the digital and maybe the printed version will come out? Will all 500 tutorials included in the print version? And if you have written a tutorial, do you get the book? Sorry for the many questions!
The future of the printed book is unfortunately very unsure right now. The digital version will contain all 500 tutorials and by the end of the year we are aiming at 1000 tutorials.
Oh, thats sad. Would be happy if you keep us updated :) Was much work I putted into this tutorial :/
You mean "an expert IN english grammar" not "at english grammar" right ? :-D
Bill, does this mean you've offered your assistance :)
I did, no response yet, it's not like I've got plenty of free time, but I make time to make things happen. Awaiting their reply patiently :-)
Good for you - imo I you'll do a fine job of it.
Thank you very much Anne :-)
Haha right, this is why we need experts! Bill, please send an email to [email protected] if you are interested in helping out.
Mail sent like 2 days ago Ralf. More than glad to be of any help ;-)
I would be interested in proof reading for you. How do I go about it? I am English, born and bred. I passed my English O Level examination many years ago. I write once a month for a national Uk gardening magazine and also provide photographs.
Susan, if your read the information above, you will see that the way you go about it is to write directly to [email protected]. Best.